Friday, August 14, 2015

Close to a perfect summer day!

First of all. I haven't been blogging or anything like that lately because I've been at our summerhouse where you just constantly end up doing stuff. It's where I am right now as well but for the first time in a long time I'm here all alone, which means it's easier to concentrate on writing.

So ye, today was a pretty epic day. I've been out to sea. I made a nice BBQ dinner for myself, feels weird to bbq for only yourself. I enjoyed a really cool sunset, while heating up the sauna.

Had a long relaxing sauna session. It's sooo chill to just sit there in the warm sauna looking at the flames behind the glass. Skinny dipping/swimming in the sea where the water was just perfect. I had some cold beers in the sauna, and one of the times I was sitting outside cooling off with my beer and owl flew straight over me. Owls are badass, like the birdversion of ninjas. They have insanely good and precise hearing (in the winter they hunt mice trough layers of snow), they are completely silent in the air and when they sit up in the tree you can barely see them cos they sit freakishly still.

Now it's completely dark outside so might go practice some astrophotography, loads of fun and really challenging. At least with my gear and skills. But you gotta start somewhere right?

My sister and her boyfriend just left today so kinda weird not having them here since the evenings are usually the time we sit at the kitchen table socialising or watch series. I think they spent like 6 or 7 weeks here and were kinda bummed out about leaving. Got to go sailing with them on sunday (damn this week has gone by fast). Tomorrow I'm off to Turku on new adventures.

Last but not least!!!!!!!! The frikin edit that took me FOREVER to get done. SKDÄÄÄM!!!

Vide-Oh! Season 3 Finale from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Most awesome things come in small packages?

I have posted a clip before of my surfing hero. But you can't go wrong with this clip.

QUINCY from Sean Slobodan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Season is over! Onboard SendOff Session Final Edit.

So there hasn't been that many clips this season. I still got some unedited because we kinda wanted to try to save up for a longer clip but the weather was against us most of the time and on top of that I managed to injure both of my knees which forced me to spend alot more time off the board then I wanted to. To give you some info there will be at least one pow clip from Riksgränsen and one park clip from Levi if not two small ones. Due to my injury and unemployment there are alot of things to get done but I should get everything edited within a month. If you follow snowboarding sites you might have noticed that Onboard MAgazine had their Send Off session at LEvi this year. The Park crew worked long days for about a whole month to get everything build and it turned out amazing. Levi is truly underrated when it comes to park standards, in a way it's a good thing because the park is hardly ever that crowded. I'm not sure if it's at 100% but next season there might be some big changes around the parks at Levi, and all I can say is that it's most likely going to be really epic. If you haven't seen the final edit from the sessions here it is:
Onboard Send Off Session 2015 - Main Edit a Snowboarding video by onboard

  A friend posted thsi video on Facebook today and I felt like I just had to repost it here. This looks like tons of fun. Maybe it's something I should try this summer on water and then on the snow next winter :D

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shitty weather but spring is here!

We have gotten close to nothing filmed the past few months. The weather has been absolutely terrible. With a few sunny day that have been so windy it's hopeless to do anything on the jumps. Riding rails is beginning to feel abit boring almost because it's the only option on the super windy day. The wind also destroys all the soft snow so no pow to be found.
On the upside I've been out abit more than usual. For me it's a good thing because I might not go out at all for a few months and it gets sort of antisocial. The busy weeks for example are usually so exhausting the alot of the day you just can't find the power to get your ass of the couch once you get home. I've started going to the gym again on a more weekly basis, always a good way to get more energy.
I think everyone know we've had a few really good nights with some amazing northern lights. The were so strong that even if it was abit cloudy that radiant light pushed trouhgt the clouds.
I grabbed my camera and the tripod but was too late once I got everything in place. Another time I guess...
I've been home from work trying to get my knees in better shape which means I've been watching alot of stupid stuff but yesterday I found some gems from the past. The best snowboarding movies ever. Movies that get you more hyped on snowboarding than any other.

Some of the great
Mack Dawg Productions movies I found on youtube.

The quality is poor but it doesn't really matter. Still awesome.

Quick reminder if you order anything from add the LEVI code at the checkout for a small discount.

I got a new edit done. Had some problems with the resolution so I had to render it 4 times and upload it twice before I got it to work and look the way I wanted.

Vide-Oh! s3ep2 Out in the sun! from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Here we go. So on January 17th we headed to Svanstein since there has been alot of talk about the resort this winter. I'm going to cut it short.
There are 2 t-bars but still alot of terrain to be ridden. If it snows alot they leave some slopes as they are so you get to ride pow on the slopes too. In some areas they have been cutting down alot of trees for BC riding which is awesome. You might have to walk back to the lift 10 mins or so but it's worth it. The staff all around the mountain were really outgoing and friendly and just ask the lifties and you will get good directions towards the good pow spots.
The terrain is kinda steep, but nothing too crazy.
As it got dark we had some lunch and hit the park. The park wasn't too much fun. Alot of small features and some of the takeoffs were abit sketchy. Then again they started working on the park abit more around a week later so I think we'll be going back to check out the park later this season.
I forgot to set my bindings back on the board and was too lazy to do anything about it later so the riding isn't the best and during the day I crashed quite alot. So this clip is far from good in my opinion but shows abit of Svansteins potential.

Vide-Oh! goes Svanstein from Vide-Oh! on Vimeo.